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Intelligent Wellhead Systems

SAZ offers unique solution to minimize well intervention risks via our strategic partnership with Calgary based Intelligent Wellhead Systems (IWS). The proprietary inVision System™ from IWS provides operators with real time picture of Wireline, Slickline or Coil Tubing bottom hole assembly (BHA) inside the wellhead, Blow Out Preventer and other pressure control equipment.

Using proprietary sensors coupled with IWS engineered software, the inVision System™ creates a magnetic field within the pressure containing section of the spool. The sensors take 1000 images per second and the captured data is interpreted and displayed in a clear and descriptive fashion including both lateral and vertical profiles. This indicates variations in tool string diameter and clearly identifies the BHAs passing through the spool.

Installing the inVision offshore allows operators to safely increase the pull-out-of-hole (POOH) speed of Coil Tubing or Wireline BHA thereby saving critical path time. It minimizes Well Control risks and keep personnel out of the potentially hazardous zones. The real-time data generated can be used for post-job analysis to improve operations and as a tool for reviewing service quality incidents.

Installing the inVision frack allows operators to improve efficiency on a Multi-Stage Stimulation job by giving clear picture of the BHA as its being POOH. It can help prevent inadvertent shutting-in on Wireline and thereby minimize risk of costly fishing operations. The system can be coupled with intelligent hydraulic valve lockouts to automatically prevent opening un-equalized valves and launching tools or inadvertent shutting-in on a Frac.

inVision System BHA View
inVision System POOH view

“The risk of a loss of well control due to inaccurate coiled tubing depth counters and operator error has all but been eliminated. This tool is a game changer in my opinion and will eliminate serious risks.”

Jamie Wagner, Sr. HES Field Rep, Chevron Canada

“This tool should be used on every live well.  This thing pays for itself again and again.”

Ryan Yost, OCR, Range Resources

“The inVision Spool gives the operator 100% confidence that coupling is in the staging chamber… Since we started using the spool, it feels unsafe to run without it”

Mike Lepage, Snubbing Operator, High Artic Services


“There is no more guessing, we can see indie the BOP stack.  Finally, we can make confident decisions.”

Michael Hug, CT Operator, WISE Well Intervention Services

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