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SAZ’s partnership agreement with Houston based PetroQuip Energy Services (PQES) allows us to provide reliable and cost effective Intelligent Completions. The Surface Controlled, Hydraulically Actuated Flow Control Valves provide selective control without any intervention to open or close valves in each zone thereby minimizing intervention cost and increase ROI.

SAZ’s relationship with PQES enables us to offer customized Completion products to our clients via access to R&D facility that provides design, drawing, prototype manufacturing and final testing whilst meeting the required ISO and API specs.

State of the art testing facility provides Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of downhole tools in a test well at upto 30,000 psi and 80,000 ft-lbs torque.


The 8,000 plus sq-ft manufacturing plant complies with ISO 9001-2008 and has license for API Q1, API 5CT and API 14L. The manufacturing plant is complimented with a fully automated 17,000 sq-ft threading facility that cuts 2-3/8” to 7-5/8” diameter API threads, along with premium thread licenses for JFE, HIS, TMK & Marubeni Itochu.

Besides products for conventional applications, PQES offers High Temperature SAGD Expansion Joints and Sliding Sleeves rated up to 600 degF and 7,500 psi using patented seal stack design. PQES also provides solutions for the Multi-Stage Stimulation market via fully composite Frac Plug rated to 10,000 psi and 275 degF with proprietary seal system, no cast iron components and only seven inch overall plug length when set.

PQES Portfolio

  • Surface operated Flow Control Valves
  • Mechanical operated Sliding Sleeves
  • Splice Sub
  • Filter Sub
  • Expansion Joints
  • Composite Frac Plug
  • Toe Valve

For further details please contact soluton@sazoil.com

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