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Our trusted oilfield products are now readily available at special, online-only prices via Oilfield Marketplace.

US retail customers can access our comprehensive product range at “factory prices” with the click of a button. Meanwhile, our large on-shelf stock in key basins across US land eliminates the uncertainty of lead times in today’s challenging environment.

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Proven track record

For the last 10 years, SAZ Oilfield Equipment has been a reliable OEM supplying downhole tools to large USA-based oilfield service companies. Our 100% in-house manufacturing allows us complete quality control and traceability on our products, along with dedicated engineering support for customized solutions.

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Fit-for-purpose designs

We offer a wide range of reliable completion and artificial lift products manufactured to ISO and API standards. Built on industry-proven engineering designs, our reliable yet cost-effective products boast a long-running track record of success across the industry.

The best part? With lead times as low as 2-4 days and our new digital storefront, you can now order the products you need in just a few minutes!

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Our portfolio includes:


  • Bridge plugs
  • Cement retainers
  • Packers


  • Gas lift valves & mandrels
  • Conventional & wireline retrievable gas lift

Plug and abandonment

Looking for temporary or permanent wellbore isolation for your specific downhole conditions? Not only can our bridge plugs and cement retainers be deployed via wireline, jointed pipe, or coil tubing, but they also make your operations more flexible. Optimize your inventory by converting from mechanical set to wireline set – and vice versa.


HydraWS Wireline Set Drillable Bridge Plug

Ideal for zonal isolation and multi-zone stimulation

HydraWS Wireline Set Drillable Cement Retainer

Preferred for single-interval squeeze, batch, or block squeeze cementing


Artificial lift

Orion series

Our Orion gas lift valves, conventional check valves, and gas lift mandrels have a proven track record worldwide across a large spectrum of well and production conditions.

They are not only cost effective, but also extremely useful on land wells with frequent workover.

*Available for online purchase in various materials and configurations

Sirius series

This series of gas lift mandrels, along with retrievable dummy and IPO gas lift valves, give you just the right flexibility for introducing different valve types throughout your well’s life.

Not to mention that they’re easy to use and built with high quality materials for that extra boost of longevity.

*Available for online purchase in various materials and configurations

Well completions

Our attention to detail ensures that the quality and technical specs of our well completion products always meet your expectations and needs.

We even have a few patents up our sleeve. The SAZ-IX packer below, for example, includes a proprietary upper-slip releasing system meant to help your technician get the job done faster.


Mechanical Set Double Grip Retrievable Packer

Whether in tension or compression, it’s got you covered from above and below


We’re always introducing interesting ways for you to learn about our products. Soon, you’ll see an engraved QR code on some of our products, which you’ll be able to scan to access the product sheet and complete traceability documents – making your technical team’s life that much easier.

Stay tuned for more!


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