SAZ SRT Running Tools

SAZ SRT Running Tools are wireline accessories to run and install 1.0” and 1.5” diameter devices inside the side pocket mandrels. These running tools consist of a fishing neck, a pin thread connection on the top end and a skirt on the lower end which attaches to the gas lift device with shear pins.

SRT Running Tool Details
SAZ SJD Pulling Tools

SAZ SJD Pulling Tools are wireline accessories designed to pullout retrievable devices with outside fishing necks. These tools are available with three different core lengths, which enable the tools to retrieve subsurface devices with fishing necks of different reach lengths. The SJD series pulling tools use the D sub, which is made up to the core of the tool. The dogs, which are mounted on the skirt are inserted into the vertical openings in the skirt. The dogs are spring loaded and have grooves located in the windows on the skirt. The pulling tool can be released in the event that the subsurface device cannot be freed by continuous downward jarring. Three types of SJD series tools are used and differ only by their core length, which is selected according to the reach required.


  • SJDC long core/short reach
  • SJDS intermediate core/intermediate reach
  • SJDL short core/long reach
  • All other parts of each tool are identical and entirely interchangeable.
SAZ SJD Pulling Tools Details
SAZ SKT Kickover Tools

SAZ SKT Kickover Tools are used to install and retrieve flow-control devices in side-pocket mandrels that have an integral orienting sleeve. The SKT series tools are run into the well using standard wireline techniques. The orienting sleeve aligns the kickover tool above the side pocket, enabling precise installation or retrieval of flow-control devices for gas-lift, chemical-injection, and waterflood applications.

SKT Tool Details