SAZ Sand Screens

SAZ Oilfield offers a wide range of products and services for Sand Control and Flow Control Applications. The screens are designed and qualified in accordance with API 19S.

We address our customers’ diverse sand control challenges with focus on complete Sand Management Solution cycle – Design, Execute and Evaluate. Our in-depth domain expertise, complimented with large portfolio of Screens, ICDs and Sand Control Tools enable us to deliver enhanced Sandface Completions.

Sand Screens: Filtering Solutions for Efficient Operations

SAZ provides solutions for Heavy Oil, Conventional Oil and High Rate Gas applications in both onshore and offshore fields. Combining our Sand Screens with Passive and On/Off ICD technology, provide customers flexibility to manage drawdown and injectivity in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. Combining best in class hardware with our modelling capabilities delivers long term optimized solutions for various reservoir types.

SAZ Screens

SAZ Screen products are complemented with a complete portfolio of Centralizers, Running Tools, Liner Hanger & Accessories to ensure successful deployment of our screens in both Cased and Open Hole Completions.

PRODUCT FAMILIES Screen Media Screen Type Passive Flow Control Dynamic Flow Control
Premium Weave Or MaxPerm 3D SazPrime HD FloPrime HD FloPort HD
SazPrime MD FloPrime MD FloPort MD
SazPrime SD FloPrime SD FloPort SD
Direct Wire Wrap SazPro DW FloPrime DW FloPort DW
Slip on Wire Wrap SazPro SW FloPrime SW FloPort SW
Pre-Pack SazPac


Premium Mesh Screens offer a unique design incorporating multiple diffusion bonded layers of woven metal mesh, creating a single monolithic sand control screen which is robust and has enhanced filtration characteristics.


Wire Wrap Screens are available in both Slip-On and Direct Wrap options. Direct Wrap screens allow tension, compression and torque ratings that are comparable to the basepipe. High Open Flow Area options are also available.


Pre Pack Screens offer robust and economical solution as an alternate to gravel packing in certain applications. Available in various configurations of Wire Wrapped inner and outer screen jackets, along with various sand packing options viz. Ceramic Proppant, Resin Coated Gravel and Natural Sieved Gravel.


Offering combine our nozzle based, viscosity independent ICDs with SazPrime and SazPro screens


Offering further integrates our passive ICDs with mechanical Sliding Sleeve for an On/Off ICD system which can be optionally coupled with various screen types. An additional Stimulation Port can be provided for a Three Position FloPort.

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