Plug and Abandonment

SAZ Oilfield Services offers a wide range of Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers for permanent or temporary well bore isolation over a wide range of downhole conditions. Our Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers can be deployed via wireline, jointed pipe or coil tubing. Our HyrdaTM line of drillable and retrievable Bridge Plug are ideal for wide range of applications including zonal isolation and multi-zone stimulation. Our HydrusTM line of cast iron drillable Cement Retainers are preferred by clients for major plug and abandonment work either for single-interval squeeze, batch, or block squeeze cementing. Conversion from mechanical set to wireline set, can be done at site to provide flexibility in operations. Conversion from Bridge Plug to Cement Retainer and vice-versa, allows customer to optimize inventory.

  • Mechanical Setting Tool – Drag Spring
  • Mechanical Setting Tool – Drag Block
  • Control Unit
  • Stinger Seal Assembly

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