Snap Latch Stinger Sub is used to set Cement Retainers on wireline. It features a snap-in, snap-out type latch that provides a surface indication of the stinger being landed in or removed from the Cement Retainer thereby giving assurance that the sleeve valve is opened or closed.

Snap Latch Setting Tool is used to set Cement Retainers and Bridge Plugs on jointed pipe. This tool contains a built-in snap-latch feature and is released by over pull or by rotating 10 turns towards right. The run-in string can be pressure tested before release. It can easily convert to Snap Latch Stinger Sub via a simple conversion kit.

Control Unit is made up above the Stinger Sub and provides a centering device for entering the Cement Retainer bore.

Plug Plucker is used for quick milling and retrieving of permanent Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers. This tool offers customer ability to retreive milled out Bridge Plugs and Cement Retaines instead of pushing them down, thereby allowing high performance Bridge Plugs or Cement Retainers to be safely set above a Liner.

SAZ Oilfield Equipment offers various types of Milling tools to mill out and retrieve Permanent Bridge Plugs and  Cement Retainers.

SCJTM Milling tool combines a Mill with an Overshot to mill over Permanent Bridge Plug / Cement Retainer and then retrieve the milled out assembly from the well.

SCCTM Milling tool is used to mill over Permanent Bridge Plugs / Cement Retainers and then push the milled out assembly to the bottom of hole.

SCKTM Milling tool combines a Mill with a Spear to mill over Permanent Bridge Plug / Cement Retainer. Once the outside portion is milled out, the Spear latches into and retrieves the plug body.