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Advantages of Gas Lift:

Gas Lift is a widely used method of Artificial Lift due to the versatility in its application and cost effectiveness, provided that injection gas is available. In terms of production rate range, depth of lift, and suitability over wide range of well conditions, its hard to match the flexibility of Gas Lift system. Ability to change the Gas Lift Valves via simple well intervention, allows operator to optimize production over life of the well.

SAZ Oilfield Services has been awarded Plunger Lift Contract

SAZ Oilfield Services has been awarded Plunger Lift Contract by a major National Oil Company.

This is the first time the client is implementing Plunger Lift in the country.

The success of this project shall provide confidence to the NOC to implement the technology of Plunger Lift on multiple Brown Fields.

The award was culmination of close coordination with customer over a 14 months period to select the best candidates for the Pilot Project by evaluating key production parameters and modelling the incremental production by implementing Plunger Lift System.

SAZ Knowledge Management partner OGES signed its first enterprise contract in Middle East. Through SAZ’s local partner Vanguard, contract for knowledge management enterprise services was signed with EJAD. This brings OGES services to over 26 companies registered on EJAD platform.

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