HydraWRTM Wireline or Hydraulic Set Retrievable Bridge Plug

SAZ HydraWRTM Wireline or Hydraulic Set Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high-performance Retrievable Bridge Plug that can be deployed on wireline or jointed pipe and retrieved via jointed pipe. It is ideally suited for temporary wellbore isolation without killing the well as the plug can be deployed and retrieved under pressure.

The high pressure from above and below thereby offering customer flexibility for temporary zonal isolation, acidizing and surface equipment repairs like well head replacements by safely keeping the wellbore fluids under control.

HydraWR Bridge Plug is deployed on wireline and set via the Wireline Adapter Kit attached to the Pressure Setting Assembly. It can alternately be lowered on Tubing and set via the Hydraulic Setting Tool connected to the Wireline Adapter Kit.

HydraWR Wireline-Hydraulic Retrievable Bridge Plug
SWR Retrieving Tool

SWRTM Retrieving Tool is run in hole and latched on the HydraWR plug with 5 to 10k lbs set down weight.  This enables the differential pressures across plug to equalize and a 10 to 15k lbs overall releases the HydraWR Bridge Plug from the casing wall for safe retrieval.