Hydrus Cement Retainers

SAZ Oilfield Services offers a wide range of drillable Cement Retainers for single-interval squeeze, batch, or block squeeze cementing. Our HydrusTM line of Cement Retainers provide optimal strength and drillability for temporary or permanent wellbore isolation over a wide range of downhole conditions.


  • Multi-Zone isolation
  • Multi-Zone stimulation
  • Plug and Abandonment


  • Mechanical Set
  • Wireline Set

Features and Benefits

  • Available from 4-1/2’” to 13-3/8” Casing Sizes
  • Up to 10,000 psi & 400°F Rating
  • Tubing can be tested before squeezing
  • Convertible from Mechanical to Wireline Set and vice versa
  • Holds final squeeze pressure and isolates squeeze from hydrostatic pressure
  • Anti-preset mechanism
  • Cast Iron construction, easily drillable
HydrusMS and HydrusWS Cement Retainer

HydrusMSTMMechanical Set Cement Retainers are deployed on Tubing or Drill Pipe and set by Snap Latch Setting Tool in compression. The large internal bypass prevents swabbing during running and retrieval. The bypass closes during Cement Retainer setting and opens during retrieval to enable pressure equalization before releasing the upper slips. The setting tool is released from the Cement Retainer by applying tension and back-up rotational release.The running string can be internally pressure tested before release.

HydrusWSTM Wireline Set Cement Retainers are deployed on Wireline and set via appropriate Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly (WPSA), Wireline Adapter Kit(WLAK) and Snap Latch Stinger Sub.When reaching the pre-determined depth, WPSA is actuated, the Tension Mandrel moves upward, pulling the body of the Cement Retainer up with respect to the setting sleeve of the WLAK, thereby setting and packing-off the Cement Retainer. Continued upward movement closes Control Latch inside the Retainer and the setting assembly with WLAK is retrieved once the Release Stud is sheared.