HydraHMTM & HydraTTTM Bridge Plugs

SAZ HydraHMTM Hydro-Mechanical Bridge Plug is hydraulically actuated and mechanically set,thereby eliminating the need for an external mechanical or wireline setting tool. These Bridge Plugs can be run and set in tandem with retrievable production packers or squeeze packers. The plugs offer customer flexibility on deployment for zonal isolation, squeeze cementing, fracturing, and Plug & Abandonment.

HydraHM Bridge Plug internal setting mechanism consists of Ball Seat, Setting Sleeve and Shear Stud. To set the Bridge Plug, a setting ball is dropped from surface and pressure is applied which sets the upper slips. Then the work string is picked up in tension which sets the packing element. The work string is then released by either shearing the shear stud or rotating 10 turns to the right.

HydraHM Bridge Plug

SAZ HydraTTTM Through Tubing Bridge Plugs are designed for deployment inside tubing sizes from 3-1/2” to 4-1/2”. The Bridge Plug consists of a solid ring slip design and a swab proof packing element with positive anti-extrusion back-up rings, thereby providing a reliable isolation inside the tubing.

HydraTT Bridge Plugs are deployed on Wireline and set via appropriate Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly and Wireline Adapter Kit.When reaching the pre-determined depth, the pressure setting assembly is actuated and the tension mandrel in the adapter kit moves upward, pulling up the body of the bridge plug with respect to the setting sleeve, thereby setting and packing- off the Bridge Plug. Continued upward movement then shears the release stud, allowing the wireline pressure setting assembly and adapter kit tobe retrieved from the well.

HydraTT Bridge Plug