SAZ Gravel Pack System

SAZ Gravel Pack System uses field-proven products and services to enhance well life by mitigating sanding challenges in unconsolidated reservoirs. The single-zone, cased hole gravel-packing system uses a simple and robust tool design.

Gravel Pack (GP), High Rate Water Packs (HRWP) and Frac-Packs (FP) are various methods to provide long term sand control in Cased Hole Completions. In gravel pack operations, a screen is placed in the wellbore and the surrounding annulus and perforation tunnels are packed with high permeability gravel/proppant properly sized to prevent the passage of formation sand into wellbore. It is critical to completely pack the space between the screen and formation to prevent the movement of formation sand into wellbore.

SAZ’s in-depth domain expertise, combined with our large portfolio of sand screens and sand control tools enable us to deliver enhanced Sandface completions.

Our Gravel Pack System combines Model BGCT Gravel Pack Crossover Tool and Model BH1 Hydraulic Setting Tool to perform reliable GP, HRWP and FP in Cased Hole.  The same tool is used to deploy Stand Alone Screens in Open Hole with ability to washdown and displace the filter cake.

Cased Hole Gravel Pack System

Features and benefits

  • Packer setting and tool release achieved through pressure and vertical movement
  • Contingency rotational feature to release tool from the Gravel Pack Packer
  • High Tail Load capacity to deploy liners and screens in long horizontal wells
  • Positive position indicating mechanism
  • Setting tool is rotationally locked to the packer to allow torque transmission for deployment of assemblies in tortuous well paths


  • Cased hole Gravel Pack and High Rate Water Packs
  • Open hole stand alone screens applications with filtercake treatment
  • Deep, deviated and horizontal wells


BGP-2 gravel pack packers are fully retrievable, high performance gravel pack and production packers. The packer is fully compatible with sealing system that consists of Seal Units, Self-Aligning Guide Shoe, Snap Latch or Anchor Latch Locator. The packer is tested and qualified in accordance to ISO V-3 and rated to 7,500-psi Differential Pressure at 250 degF.  High pressure and temperature system available on request.

BGP-2 packer is set with Model BH1 Hydraulic setting tools combined with Model BCT Crossover tool. BGP-2 Packer is released and retrieved with model BR retrieving tool using simple straight pull.

Key features

  • Short overall length facilitates easy running and retrieving through “dog-legs”, tight spots, and short radius curves
  • Single, self-energizing “cup forming” packing element for repeated low and high differential pressure reversals
  • Packing element is totally enclosed by chemically resistant, zero extrusion backup system to ensure extended downhole life
  • High Flow Annular By-pass for displacement of fluid behind packer
  • Cast iron construction of the exterior components allow emergency milling of the packer should it be impossible to retrieve by the conventional method (i.e. a straight pull)
  • A hydraulically operated interlocking device, incorporated into the setting sleeve prevents the pre-setting of the packer during running in.
Gravel Pack Packer & Circulating Housing


Model BS Gravel Pack Extension incorporates gravel-packing-ports sub with a closing sliding sleeve above a seal bore sub. The lower extension allows spacing the Model BD-1 Shifting Tool to ensure proper shifting to various positions during gravel pack operations.

When the Crossover Tool is pulled after completion of the gravel pack, the Shifting Tool closes the Sliding Sleeve as it is pulled through. Capable to pump slurry of 10 ppg up to 20 bbls/min. and capable of handling 50,000 lbs of high strength proppant.


Packer Size Guide


Model BGCT Gravel Pack Crossover Tool, Model BH1 Hydraulic Setting Tool and Model BD-1 Shifting tools are used together with the BGP-2 Packer to perform gravel pack operations.


  • The Model BH-1 Hydraulic Setting Tool is a single chamber, tubing pressure actuated setting tool used in gravel pack operations.
  • Short and compact -Increases the efficiency of handling, shipping, and storing as well as operations on the rig.
  • Simple construction using minimum number of working parts, making it economical to maintain.


  • Simple construction using minimum number of working parts, making it easier to redress.
  • Features a positive tool position indicating system which allows gravel placement with set down weight on the tool
  • The one-piece torque transmitting lugs give additional strength and reliability.
  • Straight-pull release can be accomplished after applying annulus pressure.
  • The rotational lock disengages automatically with applied tubing pressure, allowing emergency right-hand release from the packer
  • The tool can be easily converted for use as a long-stroke or short-stroke version tool


  • The Model BD-1 Shifting Tool is installed below the Crossover Tool to shift Model BS Extension’s Sliding Sleeve.
  • The spring force of the Shifting Tool Collet causes engagement of the collet with the ID profile of the Sliding Sleeve and shifts the Sliding Sleeve open (down) or closed (up) when the Shifting Tool passes through the ID of the Gravel Pack Sliding Sleeve.
  • Automatic engage and release of Sliding Sleeve.
  • Angled engagement surface for optimized shifting force.
  • Compatible with both standard Sliding Sleeve and high rate Detent Sleeve.
Gravel Pack Crossover Tool


Model BR Retrieving Tool is used to release and retrieve (in a single trip) all BG style packers, including large bore, alternate bore, rotationally locked and hydraulic set versions. The tool consists of an anchor latch at the upper end and a spring-loaded catch sleeve at the bottom.

The Model BR Retrieving Tool is run on a workstring or tubing. At packer setting depth tool is engaged with the packer by setting 3000-5000lbs weight. Packer is released by picking up with a pull of 11000-22000lbs force.

Features / Benefits

  • Release and retrieval of BR style packer in a single trip.
  • Suitable for use with drill collars and jars to aid in packer release and retrieval
  • Simple construction with minimum parts
  • Provided with a secondary release mechanism
Packer Retrieving Tool