Lynx CM Conventional Chemical Injection Mandrel

Lynx CM Conventional Chemical Injection Mandrels are available in various tubing sizes, end connections and metallurgy to match the tubing and offer full drift. It is designed to receive 1.0” and 1.5” diameter conventional chemical injection valves and conventional check valves. These valves are mounted externally on the mandrel which features external side guards to protect the chemical injection valve and check valve.


  • Enhanced operational flexibility due to concentric ID.
  • These mandrels are also used to inject water to inhibit salt formation in the tubing string.
  • Enable Well Intervention due to drift ID same as tubing ID.
  • Protective Guard plates on the sides of the mandrels protects chemical injection valves during running in and pull out.
Lynx CM Conventional Chemical Injection Mandrel
Mandrel Tubing Size (in) ppf Valve Size (in) Connection Metallurgy Mandrel OD (in) Mandrel ID (in) Drift ID (in) Mandrel Length (ft)
2-3/8 4.7 1.0 API






13 Cr

3.783 1.995 1.901 4 w/o


2-7/8 6.5 1.0 4.335 2.441 2.347
3-1/2 9.2 1.0 5.063 2.992 2.867

Please contact sales for custom sizes.