Lynx IM Chemical Injection Mandrels

Lynx IM Side Pocket Chemical Injection Mandrels are available in various tubing sizes, end connections and metallurgy to match the tubing and offer full drift. Oval/Round Body Mandrel configuration is designed to provide a full opening tubing drift and receives 1.0” or 1.5” O.D Retrievable chemical injection valves and check Valves. These mandrels feature an orienting sleeve and a deflector above the forged pocket. The orienting sleeve allows an option to use a positive orienting kickover tool to run and retrieve valves via slickline /wireline.

Deflectors are in place to deflect and protect the valve latch.

Lynx IM Side Pocket Chemical Injection Mandrels
1. Machined 2. Forged


  • Offset design eliminates the need to pull or re-run the tubing string to install or replace gas lift valves.
  • Pocket is offset from tubing ID, allowing maximum flow from tubing.
  • 180° Pocket Latch configuration.
  • Mandrels are with Orientation Sleeve.
  • Orienting sleeve has a mule profile which allows precise installation and retrieval of gas lift equipment in straight and deviated wellbores.
Lynx IM Chemical Injection Mandrel
Tubing Size (in) Mandrel Type Pocket (in) Major OD (in) Minor OD (in) Drift (in)
2-3/8 Oval 1.0 4.31 2.91 1.901
Round 1.0 4.50 N/A
2-7/8 Oval 1.0 4.75 4.03 2.347
Round 1.0 5.00 N/A
3-1/2 Oval 1.0 5.31 4.03 2.867
Round 1.0 5.75 N/A

Please contact sales for custom sizes.