SAZ is leading the technological revolution in bringing Oil and Gas industry know-how to every oilfield user. Our partner OGES offers a unique platform to access, acquire, manage and share ‘Knowledge’. OGES brings together experts from around the globe, not only from the working seats in offices, but those who have retired from direct action and those who are busy running the rigs in different parts of the world.

OGES’ revolutionary ‘Knowledge Acquisition Management System’ for oil companies gives them access to a global oil and gas consultancy on their fingertips. OGES’ cloud-based public platform ( provides solutions via global crowdsource powered oil and gas knowledge portal.

Knowledge Management System

OGES’ full range of products for providing integrated energy solutions are: –

Knowledge Acquisition Management Software

OGES Enterprise is a Knowledge Acquisition Management System to connect global experts to your daily Oil and Gas problems. Subscription of web-based application, which include Questions, Projects, Phone Consult, Library and Internal Knowledge Management will help your organization in taking right decision during asset screening, drilling operations, E&P campaigns and in solving your midstream and production challenges through the lifecycle of assets.

Technical Consultancy

OGES consulting services powered by the innovative knowledge platform can help you from the very beginning to Interpret, Assess, Define and Optimise True Reservoir Potential and conduct techno commercial assessment of your assets and align your business development interests in diverse territories.

Training and Workshops

Tailored to client specific requirements and challenges, industry experts associated with OGES’s professional network provide powerful and practical training solutions delivering success for individuals and teams.

OGES Public Platform

A unique platform to solve all technical and business problems by facilitating crowd sourced Oil and Gas expert knowledge. The platform has a comprehensive Oil & Gas knowledge content library and gives single window access to relevant contents in various Oil and Gas domains.

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