SAZ Orion PO Conventional Pilot Operated

SAZ Orion PO Conventional Pilot Operated gas lift valves are used in Intermittent flow gas lift application. Orion PO are installed on tubing retrievable gas lift mandrels. These valves are available in either nitrogen charged or spring-loaded options. The spring loaded valve has a pilot section which contains a bellow assembly, spring, stem and seat that controls the opening and closing of the main power section. The spring provides the closing force that acts on the pilot valve stem. When injection gas pressure and production pressure exceeds the spring force, the pilot opens and applies pressure to the main power section. The piston in the power section shifts open to expose a very large port, allowing rapid injection of a large volume of gas into the tubing. The spread can be adjusted by changing pilot valve stems and seats.

Orion PO Conventional


  • Spring & Bellows design negates temperate effect compared to Nitrogen charged valves
  • Reverse flow check valve prevents tubing to casing annulus communication.
  • Large port size in the power section allows large volume of gas to lift a slug of fluid
  • Fluids are lifted at a high velocity which minimizes liquid fallback.
  • Shock absorber in the power stem increases the life of the valve.
  • Available in various metallurgies to suit different environment.
Orion PO Conventional Details