Sirius PV Retrievable Pilot Operated Gas Lift Valves

Sirius PV Retrievable Pilot Operated gas lift valves are used in Intermittent flow gas lift application. During Intermittent gas lift operations, the valve controls gas pressure and its flow from the casing annulus into the tubing. A slug of fluid is displaced from the injection point to the surface. The valve maintains a large primary injection port since Intermittent gas lift requires a large volume of gas to be injected rapidly into the tubing for a short period of time to displace fluid. The control of gas during this cyclic operation is enhanced by the valve’s ability to control the spread (difference in valve opening and closing pressure). The valve uses nitrogen charged bellows to provide the closing force.


  • Small spread between the opening and closing pressure
  • Control ports optimize the Injection cycle by controlling the valve spread
  • Maximizes production rates in Intermittent gas lift application
  • Enables high volume gas injection through large flow area
  • Available in various metallurgies to suit different environment
Sirius PV Retrievable Pilot Valve
Valve Type Latch Type Valve OD (in)
Sirius PV SBK 1.0
SRK 1.5

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