Plunger Lift Electronic

Controller System

  • Designed with the operator in mind
  • Stand Alone or Modbus capable
  • Low power and maintenance
  • Plunger Lift SCADA Page coming soon!
  • One model for all applications
  • Timer
  • Auto Adjust-Time
  • Pressure Modes (transducers needed, sold separately)
  • Load Factor–Open
  • Pressure Open–TBG, CSG, Line
  • CSG Upturn–After Flow
  • Hi-Lo Controller
  • Custom Applications available upon request

Arrival Sensor

  • 3D Arrival Sensor
  • Detects in 3 Axis, X, Y, and Z
  • Class 1 Division 2 Certified
  • Works with all major MFG controllers and SCADA
  • 5 volt–28 volt systems
  • Screw Cap with o-ring to deter moisture
  • Test LED light in every unit
  • Test switch to enable
  • Sensitivity Adjustment in every unit
  • Explosion Proof Container Available

Gas Assisted Plunger Lift

  • Gas Assisted Plunger Lift (GAPL) is a hybrid method of gas lift that utilizes a plunger to increase efficiency of lift gas
  • Can help eliminate common GL inefficiencies
    • Over Injection
    • Liquid Slippage
    • Paraffin Formation (cooling effect)
  • Plunger provides a mechanical interface between gas & liquid
  • Bypass plungers will not cause valve transfer issues and are appropriate tool for GAPL
  • May delay or eliminate the need to pull TBG and redesign Gas Lift System as well conditions change

GAPL Benefits

  • Interface provides full sweep of liquids in production string, where slippage typically still occurs
  • Maximizes fluid recovery (oil)
  • Paraffin Solidifies in upper end of production string where velocities are highest.
  • Cooling effect occurs from injection point around GL valves, interrupting operation and hindering production. Plunger alleviates issue.
  • Solids control (Scale and Iron Sulfates). Keeping tubing clear.
  • Lower BHFP, lower drawdown will yield net production gains/uplift
  • As this happens, have the ability to lower injection rates or eliminate injection Release compression, etc.

GAPL Candidate Selection

  • Wells that produce up to 350-500Bblsliquids per day, depending on tubing size (2 3/8” 350BblsMax & 2 7/8” 500BblsMax)
  • GLR equivalent to 350-500Bbls/750Mcf/d-1MMcf/d Gross Gas
    • Depends on fluid cut (50%+ Oil = lighter weight = larger pool of well candidates)
    • Have seen success with lower GLR
    • Line Pressure has to be considered
  • GL Designs with GAPL as long-term vision, can be more effective. Set SN just above bottom valve or screened orifice. A packer-less application can allow you to inject around EOT and right-size compression through the life of the well.
  • Stand-alone Bypass PL (no Gas Lift assistance) can operate with up to 400 Bls/1MMcf/d, depending on tubing size, line pressure in field