SAZ Inflow Control Device

SAZ Oilfield offers a wide range of products and services for Sand Control and Flow Control applications via our SAZ Screen product line. SAZ Screens provide solutions for Heavy Oil, Conventional Oil and High Rate Gas applications. Combining our Sand Screens with Passive and On/Off ICD technology, provide customers flexibility to manage drawdown and injectivity in both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. Combining best in class hardware with our modelling capabilities delivers long term optimized solutions for various reservoir types

FloPrime & FloPort

FloPrime offering combines our nozzle based, viscosity independent passive ICDs with SazPrime (premium mesh) and SazPro (wirewrapped) screens.

FloPort offering further integrates our passive ICDs with mechanical Sliding Sleeve for an On/Off ICD system which can be optionally coupled with various screen types. An additional Stimulation Port can be provided for a Three Position FloPort.

FloPrime ICD Nozzles

Prime Flow Nozzle are designed to deliver an almost constant discharge coefficient at various Reynold no. (Re) and are viscosity independent. Prime Flow Nozzle have good pressure recovery and at the same time are erosion/corrosion resistant.


  • ICD nozzles with throat sizes 2mm, 1.6mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm & 4mm.
  • Nozzle aspect ratio (nozzle throat length (A) / nozzle throat diameter (B)) less than or equal to 0.8.
  • Nozzle material – Incoloy or any superior metallurgy to resist erosion and corrosion over the well life of 20 years.
  • Complete viscosity independence for ICD module for viscosity ranges from 2-50CP.
  • Discharge co-efficient of nozzle is almost constant value (+/-10%) up to 300 Reynold number (300-10000Re).
  • Nozzle have diffuser for excellent pressure recovery.


  • Production and injection wells requiring flow control
  • Vertical, deviated and horizontal completions
  • Sandstone and carbonate reservoirs (both homogeneous and heterogeneous)
  • Cased hole and openhole completions
Prime Flow Nozzle