Sirius Gas Lift Mandrel

SAZ Sirius GM Side Pocket Mandrels are available in various tubing sizes, end connections and metallurgy to match the tubing and offer full drift. Oval/Round Body Mandrel configuration is designed to provide a full opening tubing drift and receives 1.0” or 1.5” O.D Retrievable Gas Lift Valves and Dummy Valves. These mandrels feature an orienting sleeve and a deflector above the forged pocket. The orienting sleeve allows an option to use a positive orienting kickover tool to run and retrieve valves via slickline /wireline.
Deflectors are in place to deflect and protect the valve latch.

Side Pocket Mandrels


  • Offset design eliminates the need to pull or re-run the tubing string to install or replace gas lift valves.
  • Pocket is offset from tubing ID, allowing maximum flow from tubing.
  • 180° Pocket Latch configuration
  • Mandrels are with Orientation Sleeve
  • Orienting sleeve has a mule profile which allows precise installation and retrieval of gas lift equipment in straight and deviated wellbores.
Sirius GM Side Pocket Mandrels