Sirius OV Retrievable Orifice Valve

Sirius OV Retrievable Orifice Valves are used to control the flow of gas from the casing annulus into the tubing. The valves are installed inside the side pocket mandrels. The valve is designed with a square edged orifice which, when properly sized, allows volume control when the casing and tubing pressures are known. An integral reverse flow check valve prevents gas and or fluid from flowing from the tubing back into the casing annulus. The valve consists of a flow barrel, seat housing and floating square edged orifice, lower packing retainer, and check nose with a reverse flow check drop. Gas and/or fluids that are injected into the casing  annulus enter the ports in the side pocket mandrel. This gas and/or fluid then enter through the ports in the valve that is located in the flow barrel between the two sets of packing. The gas and/or fluid then flows through the seat housing and square edged orifice, past the reverse flow check drop, through the check nose and into the tubing.

1. Size 1.5” 2. Size 1”


  • Replaceable square edged orifice (Tungsten Carbide available).
  • Flow capacity determined by orifice sizing.
  • Integral reverse flow check.
  • Compatible with standard 0” (SBK) and 1.5” (SRK) latches.
  • Standard packing material Neoprene; others are also available.
Sirius OV Orifice Valve
Size (in) Latch Type Port Size (in)
1.0 SBK 3/16
1.5 SRK 3/16

Please contact sales for custom sizes.