Ursa WM Water Flood Mandrels

Ursa WM Water Flood Side Pocket Mandrels are single pocket mandrels that accept 1.5” diameter water flood devices. These side pocket mandrels are available in variety of tubing connection sizes and are used in single string, multi zone fluid injection/water flood installations. These mandrels have an outlet port at the bottom of the side pocket, protecting the casing from high-velocity tur- bulence associated with water flood process. Non retrievable check valve is attached directly to the outlet port to prevent back flow from the annulus to the tubing through the empty pocket when the water flood flow regulator is removed.


  • Machined Pocket is offset from tubing ID which allows the maximum flow from tubing
  • Orienting sleeve has a mule profile which allows precise installation and retrieval of
    equipment in straight and deviated wellbores
  • Pockets combined with deflectors protects gas lift equipment from damage
  • Mandrels are available in 4140/4130 and 13 Cr material
  • Mandrels can be furnished in either API threads or premium connections
  • Guard protector protects the pocket port thread from damage
  • Round body design is available for high pressure applications
Ursa WM Water Flood Mandrel
Tubing Size (in) Mandrel Type Pocket (in) Major O.D. (in) Minor O.D. (in) Drift (in)
2-7/8 Oval 1.5 5.50 4.62 2.347
Round 5.44
3-1/2 Oval 1.5 5.96 5.00 2.867
Round 6.00

Please contact sales for custom sizes.