Sirius DV Retrievable Dummy Valve

SAZ Sirius DV Dummy Valves are Wireline Retrievable isolation tools designed to install in a side pocket mandrel to blank off the pocket to prevent communication between tubing and annulus. This allows pressurizing of the tubing or casing for setting packers, testing, stimulation and self flow prior to the need for gas lift valves. The simple design of the Dummy Valve allows for easy replacement of the gas lift valve for redressing. Dummy Valves can also be used to hang-off Memory Gauges for reservoir pressure monitoring. Both equalizing and non-equalizing type Dummy Valves are available. The rugged, solid construction and premium materials assure a long service life.

Sirius DV Dummy Valve


  • Body material in stainless steel SS304/SS 316L, 17-4PH and Monel.
  • Standard packing material Neoprene others are also available.
  • Compatible with standard 1.0” (SBK) and 1.5” (SRK) latches.
  • Compatible with Sirius GM Side Pocket Mandrels.
Sirius DV Dummy Valves Details