SAZ Artificial Lift System

SAZ Oilfield Services delivers comprehensive Artificial Lift Solutions to enhance production.

We offer Gas Lift Valves and Mandrels in different metallurgy and configuration to cater to wide range of well conditions and gas lift design.

Our Orion family of Conventional Gas Lift Valves and Mandrels offers cost effective solution to customer.

Our Sirius family of Wireline Retrievable Gas Lift Valves and Side Pocket Mandrels provide customer flexibility to deploy various valves type over life of the well. Along with the valve and mandrels, SAZ offers various accessories such as Dummy Valves, Check Valves, Latches, Running Tools, Pulling Tools and Kickover Tools.

All our Gas Lift products are manufactured in-house at our OEM facility in India.

With focus on providing cost-effective and reliable Plunger Lift offering, we have entered into partnership with Epic Lift Systems. Along with an extensive R&D capability, Epic manufactures and assembles all of their products in-house at state-of-the art manufacturing facility located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Backed with one of the most experienced Plunger Lift professionals in the industry, we support customers with design, execution and evaluation of Plunger Lift System. With unique patent-pending designs, our products adhere to highest quality standards and confirm to ISO 9001, AS9100 and API Q1 specifications.

Gas Lift System

Onion Conventional Valves and Mandrels

  • Orion GV Conventional Gas lift Valve (IPO)
  • Orion GM Conventional Gas Lift Mandrel
  • Orion PO Conventional Pilot Operated Valve
  • Orion CV Conventional Check Valve
  • Orion CI Conventional Chemical Injection Valve

Sirius Retrievable Valves and Mandrels

Ursa Water Injection Valves and Mandrels

  • Ursa IV Water Flood Injection Valve
  • Ursa CV Water Flood Check Valve
  • Ursa IM Water Flood Injection Mandrel


  • SJD Pulling Tool
  • SBK, SRK Wireline Retrievable Latches
  • SRT Running Tool
  • SKT Kickover Tool
Gas lift System

Plunger Lift

Artificial lift system

Artificial Lift System

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