Sirius GV Retrievable Injection Pressure Operated (IPO)

SAZ Sirius GV Retrievable Injection Pressure Operated (IPO) gas lift valves are available in 1.0” or 1.5” diameter. These valves are controlled by injection gas pressure (casing pressure). The valves are installed inside the side pocket mandrels with the help of wireline tools. The valve has a bellows assembly that contains a nitrogen charge over damping fluid. The dome charge provides the closing force of the valve. When injection gas pressure exceeds the closing force, the bellows compress, lifting the valve stem off of the seat, allowing gas to be injected through the valve and into the tubing. The valve has an integral back check device which prevents gas and fluid flow from the tubing back into the casing annulus.

Sirius GV Retrievable Injection


  • Body material in stainless steel SS304/SS 316L, 17-4PH and Monel
  • Standard packing material Neoprene others are also available.
  • Three-ply Monel bellows
  • Mechanical stop prevents bellows over stroke
  • Viscous fluid shear dampening prevents bellow fatigue and stem chattering.
  • Tungsten Carbide ball and ball stem assembly.
  • Replaceable floating Monel seat (also available in Tungsten Carbide material)
  • Silver brazed bellows connection.
Sirius GV Retrievable IPO