Gas Lift Valves

SAZ Oilfield Services offers a complete portfolio of Gas Lift Valves & Mandrels in different metallurgy and configuration to cater to a wide range of well conditions. Gas Lift is a widely used method of Artificial Lift due to the versatility in its application and cost effectiveness. In terms of production rate range, depth of lift, and suitability over a wide range of well conditions. Ability to change the Gas Lift Valves via simple well intervention, allows operator to optimize production over life of the well. Highly deviated wells, with high formation Gas to Liquid Ratio and solids production are good candidates for Gas Lift.

SAZ provides both conventional & retrievable gas lift system for continuous and intermittent flow conditions. The most common valves are Injection-Pressure-Operated (IPO) and Production-Pressure-Operated (PPO) gas lift valves.
We also offer Pilot Operated gas lift valves and Single Point Injection Orifice valves.

OrionTM and SiriusTM family of gas lift valves and mandrels are based on field proven design and have an extensive track record globally over a wide range of downhole conditions and production scenarios.

Orion Conventional Gas Lift Valves and Tubing Retrievable Mandrels offer cost effective solution to customers. They are widely used on land wells where workover is frequent and economical.

Sirius Retrievable Gas Lift Valves and Side Pocket Mandrels provide customer flexibility to deploy various valves type over the life of the well. They are widely used on offshore wells where workover is not cost effective.

UrsaTM Water Injection Valves and Side Pocket Mandrels offer reliable option for customer’s Water Flood requirements as these are manufactured with high corrosion resistance materials. Along with valves and mandrels, SAZ Oil offers various accessories such as Dummy Valves, Check Valves, Latches, Running Tools and Pulling Tools.

Our valves and mandrels are manufactured in accordance with API Q1 and are monogrammed with API 19G-1 for Gas Lift Valves and API 19 G-2 for Gas Lift Mandrels.